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Effective device for manual penis enlargement by the milking method (jelqing).


This strap system allows you to upgrade your ordinary cord penis extender into a convenient, modernized strap extender. The belt is made of a rigid silicone, but this has the advantage of securing the fixation of the belt in the grooves of the front cradle. With this strap, you can not be afraid that the extender will fall off at an uncomfortable moment.


Turn your usual extender into a comfortable strapping! The Comfort LUX system consists of a plastic base, a soft elastic silicone belt and a regular silicone cord. The belt is made of a very soft medical silicone that will allow to carry the extender longer without unpleasant sensations, and the increased area of contact with the penis will better keep the device on the penis.


A set of additional extension rods for almost all types of extenders. The set includes 2 bars for 5cm and 2 for 2.5cm.


Cradle for penis extender Proextender with holes for cord

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