Natural male enhancement method. How it works?

History of the method of penis enlargement.

Растягивание шеи женщины-жирафыLet's take a closer look at the essence of the method of penis enlargement without surgery with the help of the extender-stretcher device. For an ignorant person at first glance, it may seem that this is something fantastic - "how Is this possible to increase such a complex organ with the help of some device?". In fact, absolutely every person in his life came across examples of increasing different parts of the body by stretching. This property of tissues laid by Nature - with prolonged application of the stretching force to any part of the body between the cells formied a gap and in order to fill it starts the process of cell division, which in turn, naturally leads to an increase in their number and as a result - an increase in this body part in size. We all know how women get skin stretch marks after pregnancy and they remain for life, or if a person became very fat and then lost weight again, his skin saggers, as it has grown to make room for subcutaneous fat. This principle has been used by mankind since ancient times, nowadays in African tribes it is possible to meet the customs of stretching the lips and ears to incredible sizes with the help of special prostheses, also in the Burmese tribe Paduang there are giraffe women who, from childhood, wear metal rings around their necks, constantly adding Them and thereby constantly increasing the length of the neck, the most interesting is that this method works even for bones! But let's return to the organ of interest to us.

How extender was invented. Clinical researches

Экстендер Proextender System купитьUntil recently, the only effective method of augmenting the penis was a surgical operation, but any surgical intervention involves a risk to the patient's health and even his life, not to mention all the physical torments that must be transferred during the recovery period. Also it is very expensive procedure. Extender was first developed to maintain the result after the operative enlargement of the penis. Immediately after the operation, a stretcher was applied to the patient, which should be worn all the following month, until the tissue was healed, if the penis was not stretched after the operation, then the clipped ligaments would re-grow and all the pain would be in vain. Some patients continued to wear the extender after the recovery period and noted that the penis continues to increase. This prompted doctors to think that this device is able to increase the penis independently and without the use of surgery. Clinical trials were conducted on healthy men and the results were surprising - almost all men noted a real increase in the length and thickness of the organ and therefore this medical device was classified as a separate category of devices for penis enlargement at home.

How does extender enlarge the penis?

Лучший метод увеличения члена экстендеромThe tissues of the penis consist of cavernous and spongy bodies that contain a large number of recesses (lacunae), they are easily filled with blood, which makes it possible to realize the mechanism of erection. The spongy body at the end of the penis ends with a conical thickening - the head of the penis. Between the protruding edges of the head and the body of the penis is a coronal sulcus. That's it in this place will be attached to our stretcher device. The classic cord extender is attached to the penis by means of a silicone tube, which is tightened on the coronal sulcus and is held partly also by the edges of the head. A special adjustable mechanism sets the tension and its power and the device is worn for 3-6 hours daily. As mentioned above, prolonged stretching of the body of the penis activates tissue growth, which leads eventually to an increase in the length of the penis. The main advantage of this method is that the achieved result remains for life, as the number of cells increases, and the reverse "rollback" will no longer be. The process of tissue growth occurs in all projections, therefore, in parallel with the increase in length, there will be an increase in the thickness of the penis. Of course, the result and effect can depend on the individual characteristics of a particular person and if you suddenly notice that the thickness begins to lag behind the length, then in this case it is necessary to apply a vacuum or better hydro pump for the penis, in parallel with wearing the extender. The pump perfectly improves the volume, thickness and weight of the body due to the strong filling of its blood with a vacuum, this allows you to stretch the lacunae of the cavernous bodies from the inside in all directions, which leads to a significant increase in thickness of the penis. In general, we personally strongly recommend using an extender and a water pump at the same time, as these devices have different mechanisms for influencing the penis and the effects of using these devices will be added together and complemented.

When will the result be seen? Penis growth rate.

Результаты увеличения члена при использовании экстендераIt's all clear, you will say, but how long does it take to wait for the result? The mechanism of this method is such that to obtain a meaningful result it is necessary to wear an extender for a minimum of about 3-4 months. The first month will be simply a stretching of the penis and you can note an increase in length of about 1 cm, if after a month you will stop trainings, it is possible to roll back to its original size. The real growth of penis begins only after 1-1.5 months of use. When wearing 4-5 months, the growth rate is approximately 1 cm every 1.5 months. Thus, after 5-6 months, our customers usually achieve a 3.5-4 cm increase in size and 2-3 cm in circumference. After use, the achieved dimensions will remain with you for life, as the number of cells increases and the reverse reduction is impossible.

How many months can you wear an extender at all?

Often our customers ask - is it possible to wear an extender 3-5-12 months or more? Our answer is, of course! As many as you like. Of course the rate of penis growth will not be as fast as in the first six months, but still the increase will gradually occur. We know the clients who have enlarged the penis in a few years even by irregular exercises of 5-6 cm! Even a surgical operation does not give such a result, and this method has no limitations and will allow you to achieve your dream, of course you need to exert much effort and time, but this is absolutely real.

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