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Extenders and vacuum pumps are unique devices for mechanical stretching of the penis, the use of which stimulates the processes of cell division in tissues, which leads to an increase in the length of the penis and volume

This method has been used by mankind since ancient times and Its effectiveness was confirmed by modern medicine in the field of plastic surgery, urology and andrology.

These devices are absolutely safe for health and designed for self-use at home. They do not require mandatory consultation with a doctor and do not burdensome in daily life.

The main advantages of this method:
Permanent results

Prolonged stretching of the penis by the extender leads to division and increase in the number of cells, and thus the achieved length and thickness of the penis will remain so for life.

Safety of use

The use of these penis enlargement devices is absolutely safe for human health. They are made of medical plastic and silicone, with proper application can not cause harm to health.

Proportional increase

The method of prolonged stretching triggers the natural mechanism of cell division, which in turn increases the tissues in volume, which means that the length of the trunk of the penis, its thickness and the volume of the penis head will increase.

Convenience and ease of use

You can use the extender at home without restrictions in daily life and doctor's supervision, there is the possibility of wearing It under clothes.

Straightening of the penis

In the presence of congenital or acquired curvature of the penis, wearing the extender gradually leads to its straightening, and regular use of the hydro pump increases the erectile function.

Clinically approved method

This method has been tested on thousands of patients during the experiments of the leading andrological clinics of the world and is recommended for use by leading specialists in the field of urology as the best alternative to surgical operation.

The products are certified
Our products for the penis enlargement received all the necessary international certificates of safety and conformity GMP, FDA (USA), CE и ISO
Penis extender certificate
Proextender certificate
Penimaster Pro certificate
Andropenis certificate
Phallosan Forte certificate

Main types of penis enlargement devices

Extenders (stretchers)

Buy penis extender Penis extender is the most effective device for increasing the length of the penis and is a mechanical stretcher, by which the tension of the trunk of the penis between the head and the base is formed along the vector of its growth. With the help of a special adjustable spring mechanism, the tension force is adjusted. There are several varieties of extender, which differ mainly in the method of attachment to the head - silicone cord, silicone strap, combined (hybrid) and vacuum. To achieve the best effect, the extender should be worn at least 3-5 hours per day (the more the better) and control the degree of tension. Regular stretching of the penis will lead to the start of the mechanism of cell division and increase in the mass of tissues, which eventually manifests itself in a proportional increase in the length and thickness of the penis. On average, the growth rate is 1 cm every 1-1.5 months.

Classical penis extender Proextender System with silicone cord mounting on penis



A new extender model with upgraded mounting system - silicone cord and strap for better comfort


Improved strap extender with a hybrid fastening system and a strap of very soft silicone


Best strap penis extender to date is a well-thought-out mechanics of lightweight alloy, 24K gold plating


We have on sale spare parts and consumables for the penis extender, as well as individual strap systems for improving the extender

from $5

Vacuum extenders

Vacuum penis extender buy Vacuum fastening is the most progressive achievement in the field of technologies and methods of non-surgical penis enlargement. It eliminates the disadvantages of loop and strap fasteners, which cause inconvenience to men with heightened sensitivity and anatomical features of the penis head. The main functional part is the camera repeating the shape of the glans penis, into which the penis head penetrates through the rubber sluice and is held in there only on the vacuum suction effect itself. At the same time, there is no compression of the blood vessels and tissues of the penis, which allows to wear extender with more tension for a much longer time without any discomfort or pain. Here you can find both complete sets with an extender, and individual vacuum systems with stretcher that allows you to carry a vacuum chamber without an extender rods, securing the belt to the waist or tying to the thigh. We also have a second type of vacuum system, which consists of vacuum caps and silicone sleeves of different sizes.

The world's most convenient vacuum stretcher, complete with extender upgrade kit


The most convenient device for real penis enlargement. Penimaster pro allows you to achieve results faster without discomfort and pain.у.


Vacuum system (phallosan forte analog) based on penis glans cup+silicone sleeve with protective silicone cap.


Gold Vacuum penis extender with light weight qualitative mechanism and comfort vacuum system


Vacuum pumps

Vacuum penis pump Vacuum pumps are also very effective devices for stimulating penis growth, the principle of operation and impact is fundamentally different from extenders. Usually the pump looks like a transparent plastic tube, to which a mini pump or pear is attached. The penis is placed in the flask and air is pumped out, a vacuum is formed, which provokes a rapid flow of blood to the penis and an increase in pressure in its cavernous bodies and vessels. Regular application of the vacuum pump stretches the penis from the inside at the vascular and tissue level in all directions, which leads to a significant increase in thickness and volume, as well as a length. Using the popmy is recommended in parallel with the extender, in this case the penis growth and efficiency of the extender is significantly accelerated. But also the pump can be used and itself to increasing the thickness of penis and improve the erection function. Penis water pumps are much more effective than conventional air pumps, so we advise you to choose the water hydropumps Bathmate if you want to achieve a quick result.

Classic vacuum air pump for penis enlargement, comes with 3 different-sized soft replacement seals


An improved vacuum pump for penis enlargement with a powerful hand pump will allow you to create a strong vacuum and achieve results much faster than with a conventional rubber bulb pump.


One of the most effective and easy-to-use devices for penis enlargement


A new generation of super efficient devices for penis enlargement - hydropump (penis water pump)


Super-powerful hydropump of increased volume and length for men with penis sizes greater than average


The most powerful hydropump in the world for men Hydromax Xtreme will allow you to quickly and effectively increase the penis.


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As you know, big and thick penis is the symbol of power, strength, courage, fertility, health, the embodiment of all male qualities


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Please note (disclaimer)

The results of penis enlargement will depend on many factors, such as individual constitutional characteristics of the organism, the rhythm of life (eg, sedentary or mobile work), balanced meals, age (young men get faster growth), as well as the duration of exercise (longer wearing time is better) and the degree of tension (every man has his own threshold of sensitivity at which he can wear the extender without discomfort). Our devices have no contraindications, but if you already have any diseases of the genitourinary system, before using consult your doctor.

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