Instructions for using the penis extender

 1. Before using, you need to experimentally determine the required length of the extender. Extender "out of the box" by default goes without extension bars, the front panel is put on spring scales-shock absorbers, the minimum length of the device with twisted adjustment pins is 8 cm from the base of the penis to the base of the penis head. For most men this is a small length, if your penis is erect from 12 cm you need take the short extra bars that are in the box next to the extender and screw them onto standard shock absorbers (there are screw holes on top of absorbers where it is required to screw in additional rods .

2. Before putting on, make sure that the adjustment knobs are twisted to the stop, there should be no gap on the side of the shock absorber's hex and on the side of the metal pancakes of the base. After that, put the front cradle on the rods with a silicone cord stretched through cradle holes in the form of a wide loop. With one hand, hold the device by the main ring, and pull the penis by the head to the cord loop and pass through it, the head of the penis must be completely bared.

 3. Holding the penis by the head with one hand after the loop, so that it does not slip off the penis, with the other hand gently tighten the ends of the tourniquet from the bottom of the front panel, it is very important to ensure that the penis skin and mucosa are not pinched, because it may cause a pain Stick back the cord and release the skin and tighten again. It may be that with the screwed bars the length of the device is slightly more than what is required, then in this case, with one hand you need to press the cradle towards the pubic to make springs contracted, as a result, the device will be shorter and it will be possible to tighten Loop on the penis head

 4. After fixing the device on the organ, you should fix the ends of the silicone cord at the bottom of the panel in special grooves with fixing teeth - just bend each end alternately and it snaps into the groove, the cord will be fixed in cradle. It is also important not to tighten the harness too much on the penis head, as this can disrupt blood circulation in it, tighten to a level when the device holds well, but there was no strong compression.

 5. Then you need to adjust the tension - start turning the adjusting knobs clockwise, twist the right and left handles one by one alternately, so that the device does not skew to one side. If you immediately felt that the penis is stretched, it means that the length of the rods is matched correctly. The tension force should be tightened to a level when it becomes unpleasant or painful and then you need to slightly unscrewed back, it is necessary to find a balance between too strong and too weak a tension, since if the tension is very strong, then you can not wear the extender for a long time, and with a weak tension extender will be useless.

 6. On the hexagonal tubes of the shock absorbers there are 3 marks, which conditionally denote the tension force, as when the tension is increased the springs are compressed and the hexagon enters the shock absorber tube, thereby dividing the load in 1500, 1200 and 900 grams. You do not need to pay too much attention to these marks, since each person has a threshold of sensitivity and if one person can wear a tension of 1200 grams, the other can only use 900, so that the main thing is to focus on your feelings and not allow the appearance of pain.

7. To increase wearing comfort, you can use a softening cylindrical foam pad that comes with the kit, you need to put it on the head of the penis at the place where the loop is fastened so that the cord loop lies over the foam pad and thus there is no direct contact between the silicone cord and the body, in this case unpleasant sensations will be excluded. Similar fixation, and in the case of a silicone strap attachment, a wide silicone strap will have strong adhesion to the foam pad, the area of ​​contact with the surface of the penis will be increased, which will eliminate the pressure of the vessels and you can wear the extender for a long time.

 8. After adjusting the extension, you can bend the device down or up, as you will be convenient, choose for yourself the most convenient option, by the way, it is desirable to periodically change the direction of tension from the top to the bottom or set, in order to proportionally stretch the upper and lower ligaments, Which hold the penis, it will accelerate the results of growth and its increase.

 9. After fixing the device you can wear your usual clothes, but will be better of course sports wear, in this case the device will not be visible and you will be able to do your day-to-day affairs.

Now you need to remember several important safety rules: Every 1-1.5 hours you need to remove the device to restore blood circulation in the head, take a break for 10-15 minutes. Such approaches can be done 3-4 per day, so that the general wear time is not less than 3-5 hours. It is forbidden to wear an extender at night, as you can not take breaks every hour, and also during a dream you can experience a spontaneous erection and intensify the compression of blood vessels. If redness appeared on the surface of the head, abrasions or damage, pain or burning occurs, you should stop using the extender till they disappear / heal

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