Elite quality penis extender EasyMax GOLD 24K

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As you know, the sexual function plays a huge role in the life of a man and everything about intimate health, of course, is of interest to absolutely everyone. In our time of high technology, when the small size of the penis is no longer a verdict and this problem can be easily solved at home, many men do not spare money and choose only the best intimate simulators for their health. We represent you the elite extender EasyMax Gold, which combines the best practices for all the years of existence of this category of devices. This device in our opinion is the best in terms of price-quality ratio, because for a fairly small amount of money you get a very high-quality and perfect device that will increase your penis with maximum convenience and comfort.

Gold penis extenderGold penis extenderGold penis extenderе

In this device everything is thought out to the last detail. First of all, I want to pay attention to the quality of assembly and materials - the plastic here is very durable and will work as long as required, the metal parts of the base and amorizators are covered with 24 carat gold, which is positioned by the manufacturer as a guarantee of lack of irritation when the metal contacts the delicate skin of the penis. Also a very important point is a more sophisticated tuning and tensioning system. Firstly, the adjusting pins are thickened, which eliminates the possibility of damage them while wearing, and the elongated rods are considerably lightened compared to cheap extenders and made of aluminum, this greatly reduces the overall weight of the device, which of course affects comfort. Extension bars 20pcs of different sizes - from 5mm to 3cm, which allows you to very accurately adjust the tension force, while in the cheaper Proextender rods only 4 pieces - 5 and 3 cm, because of what some men have a problem when it is impossible to adjust the desired tension force. In this model, this problem is completely eliminated and adjusting the tension is very easy and simple. Also, the main ring is reduced in height due to the small metal pancakes, this allows the extender to be carried more imperceptibly under the clothes.

Gold penis extenderGold penis extenderGold penis extender

Also worth noting is the very convenient branded strap fastening - the silicone strap has the form of a flagellum, which passes in the middle into a wide plate, due to which it is very convenient to tighten and the head girth improves. In the kit there is a foam rubber tube 2pcs (1 spare), which is put on the strap as a cover and forms a roller, when the loop is tightened, this roller gently wraps the penis around the entire circumference and allows to carry the extender as long as possible, since it does not cause any discomfort at all.

Gold penis extenderGold penis extender

Penis extender EasyMax Gold 24k set includes following parts:

Gold penis extenderGold penis extenderGold penis extenderе

Please note (disclaimer)

The results of penis enlargement will depend on many factors, such as individual constitutional characteristics of the organism, the rhythm of life (eg, sedentary or mobile work), balanced meals, age (young men get faster growth), as well as the duration of exercise (longer wearing time is better) and the degree of tension (every man has his own threshold of sensitivity at which he can wear the extender without discomfort). Our devices have no contraindications, but if you already have any diseases of the genitourinary system, before using consult your doctor.

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