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Penis encreaseIt's hard to argue with the fact that absolutely every man periodically thinks about whether the size of his penis is consistent with generally accepted standards and is sufficient to satisfy most women. After all, everyone knows for a long time that the size of the penis is very important for a happy intimate and generally family life. Cases for families to break up are not uncommon, and simply woman's adultery because of the small size of her husband's penis. Now with the proliferation of the Internet there are many women's forums, where you can often find topics about the normal size of the genitals and the preferences of women. Since we have been specializing in methods of non-surgical penis enlargement for 6 years, we carefully study information on this area based on women's surveys and real stories and concluded that in our time the requirements for penis size have increased significantly compared to the last decades. Now, according to women, the minimum size of the penis should be at least 18 cm, and a large percentage of girls would like to feel 20cm inside their body. But statistics show that the half of men do not reach this size, what should they do in this case?

The best solution to the size problem - penis extender.

Tribal Women giraffesWe are pleased to present to you the most risk-free solution for such an important intimate male problem - extender Proextender. This device is developed for self-enlargement of the penis without the use of any medical manipulations, surgeries and pills. Its principle is based on the ancient experience of mankind and the natural property of the tissues of the body. It consists in prolonged stretching of the penis, which, in turn, stimulates the processes of cell division and tissue growth, which eventually leads to a real increase. Since the most ancient times, many African tribes used special prostheses of various sizes to stretch to incredible size their lips, ears and other parts of the body, women of Burma tribals stretch neck with the help of metal rings, the number of which constantly increased, so that in a few years women looked like the giraffes.

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How the extender was invented.

Doctors about penis extenderExtender is a mechanical device which must be installed on the genital organ - the front part is fastened on the penis head, and the back part is resting on the pubis, thereby creating a tension force that is regulated by special adjustment rods. Initially, this device was developed specifically for men who had an surgery to increase the penis and the extender was designed to support the penis in a stretched state. The fact is that the surgery to increase the penis consists in cutting the ligaments that hold the penis inside the body and after a small incision the penis begins to protrude more from the body. But if you do not stretch the penis after the surgery, then the ligaments coalesce and the penis will be drawn back. That's why the extender had to stretch the body of the penis to the full healing, so that the effect of the surgery remained for life. But some men wore the extender longer than usual and soon began to notice that the penis is gradually increasing more and more, the length and thickness become larger than after the surgery. This effect immediately interested surgeons and urologists and in one eminent Italian clinic the device was tested on healthy men who for some reason did not want to make surgery penis increase. Results stunned all - the extender is able to increase the genital organ and without surgery - the growth rate in this case is on average 1 cm every 1-1.5 months with daily use.

Components and functional features of the extender.

The principle of the extenderThe extender for penis enlargement consists of a plastic ring platform to which metal rods with special adjustment pins are attached which allow to regulate the overall length of the device, the pins are fixed to the base ring with special hinges, which allows to bend the penis up or down relative to the base ring. Spring absorbers are attached to the adjustment pins, which also act as spring balance; hexahedrons of the spring absorbers have 3 divisions marked, which determine the current tensile load of 900, 1200 and 1500grams. The degree of tension is useful to know for the application of various methods of wearing an extender. Additional metal rods can be screwed onto the spring absorbers if standard length of the device is not sufficient to create the necessary tension, additional rods come complete with the device. The front base-cradle which put on the rods, has two holes in which a silicone cord is inserted in the form of a loop and tightened at the base of the penis head. Due to this, device holds on the organ and creates the tension. The ends of the tube can be fixed at the bottom of the panel in special grooves.

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How to use the penis extender.

Как использовать экстендерLet's take a short look at how to wear and adjust the extender. This is not difficult at all and with proper training you can do it quickly and without problems in a few days. Take the extender to the right hand and pull the penis through the base ring. With your left hand, pull the penis head through the silicone cord loop and hold it with the other hand, gently tighten the loop at the base of the head, so that the cord lies exactly in the coronary groove, and also ensure that the cord does not pinch the delicate skin of the penis. After tightening the loop, bend and fix the protruding ends of a loop in grooves at the back side of the cradle, they should not jump out. After this, the device must keep on itself on the organ and do not fall off. Now you need to gradually tweak the tuning pins in the direction of lengthening the device alternately right and left pins so that there is no skewing on either side. If the length of the device is sufficient, then you will begin to feel the stretching of the penis, if this occurs, then adjust to a level where the tension is felt quite strongly, but there is no special discomfort or pain. If there is no tension, but the thread of the pins is already visible, it means that it is necessary to screw additional rods from the box. It is necessary to wear an extender for no more than 1 hour, then need to take a break 10-15 minutes and you can again put on for an 1 hour, such approaches can be done 3-5 per day.

Extender Proextender set includes such parts:

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Please note (disclaimer)

The results of penis enlargement will depend on many factors, such as individual constitutional characteristics of the organism, the rhythm of life (eg, sedentary or mobile work), balanced meals, age (young men get faster growth), as well as the duration of exercise (longer wearing time is better) and the degree of tension (every man has his own threshold of sensitivity at which he can wear the extender without discomfort). Our devices have no contraindications, but if you already have any diseases of the genitourinary system, before using consult your doctor.

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