How to enlarge a penis size in a short time?
Size really does matter

Размер член имеет значениеEvery man in the world measured his dignity at least once in his life, and according to research, half of the men are worried about the size of their penis enough to satisfy their partner. In the modern world, standards and requirements for men are growing all the time, and the society is warmed up by magazines, television and movies, where the inflated handsome men are with enormous dignity from the cowards. Naturally, women in the subconscious are forming the image of ideal men, which in fact are very few. Nobody thinks about statistics, which says that the average size of a member of the planet is only 15cm. According to the latest social studies and surveys of the female half of society, the psychological level of the length of the "normal" penis is not less than 17-18 cm and it turns out that half of men do not fall under these norms. Given the urgency of the problem, many learned minds and ordinary men sought and developed a variety of methods to increase the penis. Let's get acquainted with the most basic and effective of them.

Surgical enlargement of the penis - advantages and disadvantages.

Хирургическое увеличение членаSurgical enlargement of the genital organ implies carrying out a not very complicated but extremely unpleasant operation to dissect ligaments that hold 30-40% of the penis inside the body. In fact, after the incision of the ligaments, the penis more "falls out" from the pubic tissues and fatty tissue outside, which allows adding to the useful working length in a state of erection of 3-3.5 cm. The duration of the recovery period is about 1-1.5 months. But despite this, this method is the fastest way and the advantages of the operation include the speed of obtaining the result. It seems that everything is simple, but the operation is an operation - general anesthesia, the possibility of allergic and other reactions of the body to this intervention, the risk of postoperative complications, as well as the high cost and many men simply do not dare to take such a serious step. Such men can simply put up with what Nature has given, or resort to alternative and safer methods. Fortunately, they are and are accessible to everyone.

Elongation of the penis with the extender.

Петлевой экстендер ProextenderThis method of penis enlargement involves prolonged stretching of the genital organ with a special extender device (3-5 hours per day) for 4-6 months, depending on the desired result. Compared to the surgical operation, the extender loses by the speed of obtaining the result and also because the man needs willpower and self-discipline for daily wearing. But the advantages cover these shortcomings. First, this method is based on the natural property of the body tissues to grow with prolonged stretching, which in itself indicates that this method is safe for human health and life, unlike the surgery. Secondly, the use of this device can increase not only the length, but also the thickness of the penis, as the tissues grow in length and volume proportionally. Thirdly, there are no side effects and effects on erectile and genital functions. Well, the most pleasant thing is that the achieved size will remain for life, as the number of cells increases and the mass of tissues and the reverse "rollback" will no longer be. Also, the benefits can be attributed to correcting the shape of the penis in the presence of congenital or acquired curvatures, and some men also noted improvement in sexual life in terms of increasing the duration of the sexual act, as wearing the extender slightly reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membranes at the base of the head, which positively affects the duration of the sexual intercourse.

Increase penis by vacuum pump. Hydropump for men.

Вакуумная помпа для членаVacuum pumps are a rather interesting category of intimate devices, the principle of which is to create an air or water vacuum inside the bulb, into which a penis is inserted beforehand. The suction effect causes the strongest inflow of blood to the penis and due to increased pressure in the blood vessels and cavernous bodies the penis is stretched from the inside, which subsequently leads to a significant increase in its size and volume. Of course, for several trainings, you should not wait for the increase, but if you do the pump daily for several months, then you are guaranteed to get the result. Particular attention should be paid to the novelty in the world of vacuum simulators - Hydropump for men Bathmate. This device uses warm water as a working environment, which creates significant advantages over conventional air pumps, since water is denser than air, which significantly reduces the risk of microtraumas in the penis head vessels under much higher vacuum, and a stronger vacuum will allow the result of the increase much faster. Also warm water of 45 degrees deeply warms up the penis, which contributes to the expansion of the vessels and the improvement of the inflow of nutrients into all parts of the penis, which will also contribute to the rate of its growth. The hydropump effectively affects the increase in the volume of the penis, which is so lacking in the case of other methods of magnification, the volume is always more difficult to make than the length, so that the best device to increase the thickness of the penis than the hydro pump can not be found. One of the most important advantages of this method is the duration of the daily session - only 15-20 minutes per day, the small drawback is the obligatory access to warm water, that is, classes should be held in the shower or bath.

Manual exercises for penis enlargement. Jelqing.

Упражнения для увеличения членаAt a time when there were no extenders and hydropumps, the only non-surgical method of increasing the penis was jelqing (milking). These exercises have their name due to the similarity with the movements of the hands when milking cows or goats. The essence is a dense massage of the penis by squeezing it and keeping the arm in the direction of the head. There is a dry and wet jelk, the latter requires the presence of lubricant - it can be any lubricant or special ointment that stimulates blood circulation. There are many different techniques for jelqing, which we'll talk about in the next articles. Concerning effectiveness, it can be said that the technique itself is quite effective, but there are pitfalls. If careless massage or overdoing, you can simply injure your penis, and if the technique is not performed correctly, you can get a member in the form of a baseball bat - thin at the base and expanding at the end. Therefore, it is necessary to be very cautious in approaching these exercises and taking into account the advice of experienced users (these are those who are involved in the Natural Enlargement of the Penis), before using this technique, it is advisable to study the forums on this issue.

And yet, which method is the most effective and where to start?

Быстрое увеличение членаUnequivocally we can say that each of these methods (we will not take into account the surgery, since our site is dedicated to non-surgical methods) is quite effective in itself, but if you combine them, use them simultaneously, you will achieve the desired result by 2 times faster due to the fact that the mechanisms and principles of the effect on the penis are absolutely different, their action is summed up by simultaneous application. The extender mechanically stretches the length of the penis shaft, the pump presses the blood to expand the tissues into volume, the jelqing combines these two mechanisms, but its action also differs in its own way, so it is worthwhile to apply these methods simultaneously, alternating them throughout the day. For example, in the morning during taking a shower 15 minutes of hydro pump, then 15 minutes of a wet jelq. After that, a break for several hours and throughout the day you can wear an extender for a total of 3-4 hours, in the evening, a dry jelq and a day's training cycle is over. With daily use of such training your penis will grow like a yeast. These are not empty words, but real responses of thousands of men around the world, who set a goal to improve their body and raise self-esteem. Of course, a large member can not be the goal of life, but no one will argue that sexual life is an important part of our existence, why not make it better?

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