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Anyone who uses conventional extenders with flagellar or strap fastener knows about the disadvantages of these types of fastening on the head of the penis, the most basic of them are pain, discomfort, sometimes slipping the strap from the penis, irritation of the sensitive skin at the base of the head, compression of the head and subsequent blueing due to the violation of blood circulation. To avoid this, it is required to remove the device every hour, which can be inconvenient. Of course, most of these troubles can be avoided if you first wind on a member of a special elastic bandage Peha-Haft in a special way, but, again, for many people it is inconvenient, since a qualitative winding can take about 4-5 minutes, and in conditions that limit time, for example in the toilet at work, spending so much time fixing the device to many is impermissible. Therefore, German specialists developed a truly revolutionary mount based on the vacuum effect. The essence of the method consists in sucking the head of the penis into a special chamber of a physiological shape (repeating the shape of the penis head), and its retention there by the force of a vacuum. In this case, there is practically no mechanical compression of the head and clamping of the vessels feeding the penis head tissues, the chamber operates on the principle of a sucker. Vacuum is supported by special sluices made of soft latex rubber. Sluices gently grips the base of the head and maintains tightness inside the chamber.

In the world, there are several options for vacuum fixing, but their main problem is that the vacuum also has its drawback - with prolonged exposure to the surface of the head, bruises or bubbles from the lymph can be formed. But experts from Penismaster presented a unique solution to eliminate this problem - an adhesive membrane that tightly covers the surface of the penis head, thereby preventing the protrusion of a portion of the skin on the head and, accordingly, the formation of the bubble. This solution is most accurately and correctly implemented in the Pro Vacuum Extender and is a patented development in the field of medical devices for penis enlargement after and without surgery

Vacuum fastening is so convenient and pleasant compared to the flagellum or strap that men who previously had a usual fixation for a long time experience a slight shock at the first dressing, since they do not feel any discomfort at all, but only a pleasant soft hold a penis head by vacuum camera. This allows you to create a fairly strong tension, which could not be realized with the same flagellate fastening, because on such loads the flagellum simply slides off the head injuring her delicate skin, making scrapes and irritation. The Proextender Vacuum Extender is recommended for use by most medical male health clinics and eminent surgeons who specialize in surgical penis enlargement.

Vacuum chamber comes in only one standard size, but this is not a problem, as the internal membrane adapts to any size of penis head. But also for a better retention of penises of different diameters, special split adapters are provided that look like half rings and are inserted along the edges of the entrance opening of the camera, thus obtaining 3 sizes of the inlet - large (without split adapters), medium diameter - with narrow split adapters and a little - with the installed wide split-adapters. For the free entry of the head of the penis through the sluice, a special gel-lubricant (lubricant) is used, its consumption is extremely small, since need only a drop of gel is required to lubricate the penis head for free entering the camera inlet hole. The pumping system is realised by a special connector with an air hose. At the end of the chamber there is a rotary valve, which opens when the connector is put on, after the air is evacuated the connector is turned and removed, and the valve automatically closes, which makes the process of putting on very quickly and not cause trouble, only about 10-15 seconds with proper training. 

The kit includes a classical cord and strap systems, so you can try every of these mounting systems and alternate them to make trainings more effective. Also this product has a stretching belt - it means that you can use vacuum chamber without an extender and rods, stretcher that can be fastened to the waist, also over the shoulder and to the thigh. The stretcher has a convenient system for adjusting the length and setting of any tension. The belt system eliminates the need for a massive metal-plastic extender construction and makes the magnification process more invisible and convenient. But experienced people who are seriously involved in penis enlargement, are advised to alternate wearing an extender and stretcher, since the extender gives a stronger and more stable tension.

Gold vacuum extender contains following parts:

Please note (disclaimer)

The results of penis enlargement will depend on many factors, such as individual constitutional characteristics of the organism, the rhythm of life (eg, sedentary or mobile work), balanced meals, age (young men get faster growth), as well as the duration of exercise (longer wearing time is better) and the degree of tension (every man has his own threshold of sensitivity at which he can wear the extender without discomfort). Our devices have no contraindications, but if you already have any diseases of the genitourinary system, before using consult your doctor.

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