Penis Extender Standart 2 in 1 Strap + Cord

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Extender is one of the most effective and safe way to increase the penis to date. Millions of men have already achieved the desired result and have improved their sexual life. But, as is known, every human body has its anatomical features and the penis is no exception. In the classic Extender Proextender, attachment to the organ is realized by tightening the silicone cord at the base of the penis head and it is essentially held at the expense of the protruding edges of the head and the coronal groove at its base. The shape of the penis of different men can largely differ not only in size, but in the severity of such parts as the penis head, coronary groove, skin around the head, etc. And it often happens that the male has an anatomically flattened coronal groove, moreover, a small head or unexpressed non-protruding edges, and this in turn creates problems in the fastening of silicone cord. When the extender gained popularity and became widespread worldwide, many men encountered this problem, since the cord often slipped during use due to the fact that it simply had nothing to hold on to. In this regard, manufacturers have begun to develop an improved mounting system that would compensate for these anatomical features of different penises and a new model with a strapping system - Extender 2 in 1 was soon introduced.

Strap penis extenderStrap penis extenderStrap penis extender

Features of strap extender

The main feature of the new model is the replacement of a thin cord with a silicone strap about 3 cm wide. In the anterior cradle, instead of the usual holes for cord, there are slits, into which the strap is inserted and extended through them. Strap fixed in the panel by special ribs located along its entire length, which allows you to fix any size of the loop for different penis diameter. This fastening is much easier to use, as it is easier to wear compared to a thin silicone cord. The main advantage is the reliability of fastening, due to the width of the strap the area of ​​contact with the surface of the penis is much larger, which improves the force of adhesion by distributing pressure over the larger surface of the penis without causing unpleasant sensations and pain. This extender is better held on the organ and allows you to adjust the stronger pull of the traction, which will allow you to achieve the results of the increase much faster than with the flagellar mount.

penimaster extenderpenimaster extenderpenimaster extender

This model of penis extender includes not only a new strap, but a classic silicone cord, so that you can compare them for yourself and also we advise you to alternate them from time to time. This is required in case of fatigue effect of the skin of the penis at the place of attachment of the cord or belt and alternating these two different options make possible to move the pressure zone in order to give the other zone a "rest". It is also desirable to use winding from the usual or, best of all, self-locking bandage Peha-Haft, which you can purchase at the pharmacy. If there is a gasket between the strap and the surface of the penis, the level of comfort will be significantly increased, which will allow to wear extender for much longer.

Extender Proextender set includes following parts:

penimaster extender penimaster extender penimaster extender penimaster extender penimaster extender

Please note (disclaimer)

The results of penis enlargement will depend on many factors, such as individual constitutional characteristics of the organism, the rhythm of life (eg, sedentary or mobile work), balanced meals, age (young men get faster growth), as well as the duration of exercise (longer wearing time is better) and the degree of tension (every man has his own threshold of sensitivity at which he can wear the extender without discomfort). Our devices have no contraindications, but if you already have any diseases of the genitourinary system, before using consult your doctor.

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