Hybrid Penis extender Comfort LUX 2 in 1 strap+cord

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Extender is one of the most effective ways to enlarge the penis, millions of men began to use this device regularly and achieve results, but at the same time many men had problems with fixation and discomfort while wearing silicone cord. Similar problems can occur in men with a small penis head size relative to the thickness of the trunk of a penis, and also if the head has unexpressed edges, while the cord simply does not have anything to hold on and it is necessary to tighten it strongly on the penis to avoid device falling, which certainly leads to pain, discomfort and impairment of blood circulation in the head and its blueing. For such men, a special fastening in the form of a silicone belt was developed. This fastener is tightened at the base of the head of the penis similar to the flagellum, but the area of ​​girth and contact with the surface of the penis is much greater, so that the device is held on the organ much better. Also, the level of comfort increases, because the pressure is distributed over a larger surface. Soon after the appearance of the strap fastening, various variations of it began to be produced, with modifications and improvements in characteristics.

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The presented model of the Comfort LUX strap extender differs from similar products with an increased level of comfort when used. A very soft medical silicone is used in the manufacture of strap, when it contact with the body, the softness of the belt is of great importance, since a hard belt can infringe the delicate skin of the penis, on the contrary, the soft belt better repeats the anatomical irregularities and bends, evenly distributing the compression over the surface. Also in this model the shape of strap is changed - it is wider and longer, which also positively affects the usability. A further distinctive feature is the hybrid system - on the front panel besides the usual slots for the strap there are holes for the classic cord, it is made primarily for convenience, since it is recommended to alternate the wearing of the cord and strap, it is more convenient to have these 2 methods on one panel, and not apart. Also, some men tighten the cord and strap at the same time to maximize the fastening at high tension, so in fact this extender model provides 3 mounting options, with which you can experiment and choose the most comfortable.

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Strap extender Comfort LUX is equipped with the following parts - cradle with classic cord attachment with silicone cord, the hybrid cradle with holes for cord and slotted belt, soft silicone Comfort LUX strap, 4pcs or 8pcs of extension rods of different sizes, softening foam pad forincreased comfort of wearing, DVD disc, manual, growth calendar, box, package wrapper with a protective sticker and logo.
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Please note (disclaimer)

The results of penis enlargement will depend on many factors, such as individual constitutional characteristics of the organism, the rhythm of life (eg, sedentary or mobile work), balanced meals, age (young men get faster growth), as well as the duration of exercise (longer wearing time is better) and the degree of tension (every man has his own threshold of sensitivity at which he can wear the extender without discomfort). Our devices have no contraindications, but if you already have any diseases of the genitourinary system, before using consult your doctor.

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